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If you are involved in a dispute regarding a situation with an animal, we can help.

The legal experts at the BHLE are the foremost authorities in the state when it comes to California Animal Law. These arbitrators are graduates of top law schools and have years of experience regarding animal law cases and issues. They are the founders of this organization, which trains state humane officers regarding every facet of animal law imaginable. They are the authors of the upcoming BHLE Animal Law Guide. This guide is an edited and illustrated compilation of every animal protection law in the state of California. It is to be used by law enforcement officers in the field. (To reserve a copy for yourself, email to with the request in the message).

The fee for arbitration is $70/hr (minimum rate=1 hour). This is a fraction of the hourly rate these attorneys normally charge. Many disputes can be settled in an hour.

Parties may either meet in person (preferable) or via conference call. The party initiating the arbitration will provide contact information for the other party to the BHLE and a letter inviting the other party to arbitrate will be sent by the BHLE. If the other party agrees, the date and location (differs depending on the location of the parties) of the arbitration is set and an agreement to share the arbitration costs is signed by both parties.

Standard for the Arbitrator
The arbitrator is to remain objective and neutral with the standard being the best interests of the animal(s) involved. Both sides will have equal opportunity to speak and explain what they believe is the best outcome for the interests of the animal(s). Based on the testimony of both parties, the arbitrator will suggest solutions that will best benefit the animal and perhaps both parties (if possible). The legal rights of both parties will be explained to the parties and the parties may choose to come to an agreement, forfeit their interests, or take the dispute to court. Our goal is treat each side with such respect and consider their testimony so carefully that they will leave feeling that justice was served and a fair agreement was found.


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