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Humane officers are the most effective tool the BHLE has to stop animal suffering.  The BHLE is one of only a handful of groups that utilizes humane officers to investigate and document animal cruelties that have been ignored under the law. Animal abuse that CAN be stopped with your support include:

  • Dragging "downed" animals (animals too sick or injured to even stand) or abandoning nonambulatory animals and leaving them to die slowly from starvation and neglect. THIS PRACTICE IS ILLEGAL UNDER CALIFORNIA'S STATE ANTI- CRUELTY LAWS, BUT IT REMAINS A COMMON PRACTICE AT CALIFORNIA'S LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS, STOCKYARDS AND FARMS.  With your help, BHLE can send humane officers to rural areas that have limited or no humane enforcement efforts for farmed animals.

  • Cruel "puppy mill" breeding facilities that produce hundreds of puppies under inhumane conditions where the animals are forced to live in filthy, overcrowded cages without adequate shelter, food or veterinary care. An investigation at one facility found the vocal chords of breeding dogs had been cut with a scissors.  CRUEL PUPPY MILL PRACTICES ARE ILLEGAL UNDER CALIFORNIA'S STATE ANTI-CRUELTY LAWS. With your help, we can conduct investigations, seize abused puppies, and bring the puppy mills to court for cruelty to animals.  

  • Sending unwanted horses to slaughter, where they are killed and sold for pet food or exported to other countries for human consumption. Every year, tens of thousands of horses who have been used and abused for racing, riding or roping, are sold at auctions when they are no longer "performing". CALIFORNIA IS ONE OF THE FEW STATES WHERE IT IS ILLEGAL TO TRANSPORT HORSES FOR SLAUGHTER. With your help, we can conduct undercover investigations to ensure the CA horse protection law is enforced.

Most humane enforcement efforts for animals are done by either County operated Animal Control/Regulation agencies or through the local law enforcement agencies (Sheriff, Police, etc)  Law enforcement agencies often put animal abuse low on the priority list, and animal control agencies are often restricted by funding or political constraints.

The Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement is a humane law enforcement agency to serve animals. BHLE believes animal abuse is a TOP PRIORITY, and has the knowledge, skills and authority to arrest animal abusers - IF dedicated animal advocates provide the funding. Over 90% our operating budget comes from member donations.  The BHLE does not receive financial assistance from government agencies - our humane officer team is funded entirely by dedicated people like you.


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