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As a member of the BHLE Justice League, you are making a significant contribution to our efforts to bring justice for suffering animals. For years, animals have been suffering horrendous cruelties because animal abuse is given a low priority in our courts and law enforcement agencies. Your contribution is making animal abuse a high priority, by providing the funding BHLE needs to investigate, expose and prosecute animal abusers.

It is a privilege to join with dedicated BHLE members who care so much, and do so much, to defend ALL animals under the law.  We invite you to become a member of our Justice League. To express our gratitude, and offer an opportunity to express your commitment to justice for animals, League members are entitled to recognition on our Justice for Animals commemorative plaque at the BLHE headquarters.

  • Friend $1,000 - A gift of $1,000 provides one BHLE humane officer with the investigative equipment needed to document animal cruelty.
  • Sponsor $5,000 - A gift of $5,000 funds a three-month undercover investigation and legal action campaign to bring an animal abuser to court.
  • Patron  $10,000 - A gift of $10,000 provides the funding to send five more BHLE humane officers to the Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy through BHLE training sponsorships.
  • Benefactor $25,000 - A gift of $25,000 helps fund a full-time BHLE humane officer and significantly expands the number of cruelty cases we can respond to.
  • Founder $50,000 - A gift of $50,000 provides Animal Aid assistance (feed, veterinary & rehabilitative care, transport and placement) for hundreds of animals confiscated from cruelty.    


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